/ 5mQNkI; `mQNkI/ n
member of the group of animals most similar to humans in appearance, esp a type of small long-tailed tree-climbing animal 猴; 猿. =>illus 见插图.
(infml 口) lively mischievous child 顽皮的儿童: Come here at once, you little monkey! 马上过来, 你这个小捣蛋!
(sl 俚) 500 or $500 500英镑; 500元.
> monkey v (phr v) monkey about/around (infml 口) behave in a foolish mischievous way 调皮; 捣蛋: Stop monkeying about! 别调皮了! monkey about/around with sth (infml 口) play or interfere with sth in a careless way 胡摆弄某物或干扰某事: monkey about with a fire extinguisher 乱摆弄灭火器.
# `monkey business mischievous or dishonest activity or behaviour 胡闹; 骗人的把戏; 恶作剧: There's been some monkey business going on here! 有人在这里搞鬼!
`monkey-nut n peanut 花生.
`monkey-puzzle n (also `monkey-puzzle tree) evergreen tree with narrow stiff sharp leaves and interlaced branches 猴谜树(常绿植物, 叶尖而硬, 树枝缠结).
`monkey-wrench n spanner with a jaw that can be adjusted to hold things of different widths 活动扳手; 活扳子.