/ 5mCdIst; `mBdIst/ adj
(a) not large in amount, size, etc; moderate (数量﹑ 体积等)不大的, 适度的, 中等的: live on a modest income 靠不高的收入生活 * make very modest demands 提出非常适度的要求 * a modest improvement, success 一定程度的改善﹑ 成功. (b) not showy or splendid in appearance; not expensive 不浮夸的; 朴素的; 不豪华的: live in a modest little house 住在朴素的小房子里.
(a) ~ (about sth) (approv 褒) having or showing a not too high opinion of one's abilities, qualities, etc; not vain or boastful 谦逊的; 不虚夸的; 质朴的: be modest about one's achievements 对自己的成就很谦逊. (b) rather shy; not putting oneself forward; bashful 羞怯的; 不突出自己的; ?腆的: Might I make a modest suggestion? 我可以提个小小的建议吗?
(esp of women or their appearance or behaviour) having or showing respect for conventional ideas of decency and purity (尤指女子或其容貌或行为)端庄的, 高雅的, 正派的, 纯洁的: a modest dress, blouse, neckline, etc, ie one that is not sexually provocative 样子庄重的连衣裙﹑ 女衬衫﹑ 领口等.
> modestly adv.
modesty / 5mCdIstI; `mBdEstI/ n [U] (esp approv 尤作褒义) state of being modest 适度; 朴实; 谦恭; 羞怯; 庄重: speak with genuine modesty/without (a trace of) false modesty 真正谦虚地[(绝)不故作谦虚地]讲话 * I'd like to tell you all about my success but modesty forbids. 我并非不愿将成绩一一相告, 只是君子不自尚其功.