/ 5mEUbaIl; [email protected] -bl, also -bi:l; `mobl, `mobil/ adj
(a) that can move or be moved easily and quickly from place to place 易於快速移动的: mobile troops, artillery, etc 机动部队﹑ 炮兵等 * a mobile library, ie one inside a vehicle 流动图书馆. (b) (of people) able to change class, occupation or place of residence easily (指人)易改变阶层﹑ 职业或住址的, 流动的: a mobile work-force 流动劳力. Cf 参看 stationary.
(of a face, its features, etc) changing shape or expression easily and often (指脸﹑ 五官等)易变和常变其形状或表情的.
[pred 作表语] (infml 口) having transport, esp a car 有交通工具(尤指汽车): Can you give me a lift if you're mobile? 你要是有车, 捎我一程行吗?
> mobile n ornamental hanging structure of metal, plastic, cardboard, etc, whose parts move freely in currents of air 风动饰物(用金属﹑ 塑料﹑ 纸板等组成的悬挂饰物, 其部件可随风而动).
mobility / mEU5bIlEtI; mo`bIlEtI/ n [U] being mobile 移动性; 流动性; 机动性; 可动性.
# ,mobile `home large caravan that can be towed by a vehicle but is normally parked in one place and used as a home (可用车拖拉的)活动住房.