/ mIkst; mIkst/ adj
composed of different qualities or elements 由不同质量或成分组成的; 混合的: The critics gave the new play a mixed reception, ie one of criticism and praise. 评论家对那出新剧的评价褒贬不一. * The weather has been very mixed recently. 近来天气好坏无常.
of different shapes, flavours, etc 不同形状的; 不同味道的: a tin of mixed biscuits, sweets, etc 一盒什锦饼乾﹑ 糖果等.
having or showing various races or social classes 不同种族或阶级混合的: live in a mixed society 生活在阶级混杂的社会中 * people of mixed blood 混血的人.
for members of both sexes 男女混合的: a mixed school 男女生混合学校 * mixed changing rooms, eg at a sports centre 男女合用更衣室(如在运动中心的).
(idm 习语) have ,mixed `feelings (about sb/sth) react to sb/sth with confused or conflicting feelings, eg joy and sorrow 对某人[某事物]产生纷扰的或矛盾的感情(如悲喜交集).
# ,mixed `bag (infml 口) assortment of things or people, esp of varying quality (物或人的)混合体(尤指好坏不等的): The competition entries were a very mixed bag. 参赛者是错落不齐的大杂烩.
,mixed `blessing thing that has advantages and also disadvantages 有利亦有弊的事物.
,mixed `doubles game (esp of tennis) in which a man and a woman are partners on each side 男女混合双打(尤指网球赛).
,mixed `farming farming of both crops and livestock (耕种与畜牧兼营的)混合务农.
,mixed `grill dish of various grilled meats, often with tomatoes and mushrooms 烤什锦, 什锦烤肉(常伴有蕃茄和蘑菇).
,mixed `marriage marriage between people of different races or religions (异族或异教的)通婚.
,mixed `metaphor combination of two or more metaphors that do not fit together and therefore produce a ludicrous effect, eg The hand that rocks the cradle has kicked the bucket 混杂隐喻(至少两个隐喻的合用, 因不通而产生滑稽效果, 如将the hand that rocks the cradle (rules the world)和kick the bucket合用).
,mixed-`up adj (infml 口) mentally or emotionally confused; not well-adjusted socially 头脑或情绪紊乱的; 不很适应人际关系的: She feels very mixed-up about life since her divorce. 她离婚後觉得生活十分迷惘.* ,mixed-up `kids who take drugs 服用毒品的迷茫孩子.