/ 5maInE(r); `maInL/ adj
[usu attrib 通常作定语] smaller, less serious, less important, etc 较小的; 程度轻的; 次要的: a minor road, eg in the country 辅助道路(如郊野的) * minor repairs, alterations, etc 小规模的修理﹑ 修改等 * a minor operation, ie one that does not risk the patient's life 小手术 * minor injuries, burns, fractures, etc 轻度损伤﹑ 灼伤﹑ 骨折等 * a minor part/role in a play 剧中的次要角色 * minor poets 不重要的诗人. Cf 参看 major.
(Brit dated or joc 旧或谑) (in private schools) second or younger of two brothers or boys with the same surname (esp in the same school) (私立学校中)(兄弟俩或同姓男生中)年幼的, 小的: Smith minor 小史密斯. Cf 参看 major, junior 2.
(music 音) of or based on a scale that has a semitone above its second note 小调的; 小音阶的: a minor third, ie an interval of three semitones 小三度(含三个半音的音程) * a song in a minor key, ie one based on a minor scale 小调歌曲 * a symphony in C minor C小调交响曲. Cf 参看 major.
> minor n
1 (law 律) person under the age of full legal responsibility (18 in the UK) 未成年人(在英国为18岁以下).
2 (US) subsidiary subject or course of a student at college or university (大学中)副修科目.
minor v [Ipr] ~ in sth (US) (of a student) study sth as a subsidiary subject (指学生)副修某科.
# minor `planet asteroid 小行星.
minor `suit (in card-games, esp bridge) diamonds or clubs (纸牌, 尤指桥牌的)低花色牌(方块或梅花).