/ 5mInIstrI; `mInIstrI/ n
(US department) [C] (buildings containing a) government department (政府的)部, 部的办公楼: the `Air Ministry 航空部 * the ,Ministry of De`fence 国防部.
(a) the ministry [Gp] the ministers of (esp the Protestant) religion as a body (全体)牧师(尤指新教的): His parents intended him for the ministry, ie wanted him to become a minister. 他父母有意让他当牧师. (b) [C usu sing 通常作单数] duties or (period of) service of a minister of religion 牧师的职责; 牧师的服务(期限): enter/go into/take up the ministry, ie train to become a minister of religion 做[从事/担任]牧师工作.