/ 5mInErEl; `mInErEl/ n
[C, U] substance that is not vegetable or animal, esp one with a constant chemical composition which is found naturally in the earth 矿物: substances classified as mineral(s) 列为矿物的物质 * [attrib 作定语] mineral salts 岩盐 * the mineral kingdom 矿物界. Cf 参看 animal, vegetable.
[C, U] any substance got from the earth by mining, esp a metal ore 采自地下的任何物质; (尤指)金属矿石: Coal and iron are minerals. 煤和铁都是矿物. * [attrib 作定语] mineral deposits, resources, wealth, etc. 矿藏﹑ 矿物资源﹑ 矿物财富.
[C usu pl 通常作复数] (Brit) (a) = mineral water. (b) (US soda) non-alcoholic canned or bottled drink containing flavouring and soda-water (罐装或瓶装的)矿泉水: Soft drinks and minerals sold here. 此处出售软饮料和矿泉水.
# `mineral oil 1 (Brit) any oil of mineral origin, esp petroleum 矿物油; (尤指)石油. 2 (US) liquid paraffin 液体石蜡.
`mineral water water that naturally contains dissolved mineral salts or gases, and is drunk for its medicinal value 矿泉水.