2 / mIl; mIl/ v [Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态]
(a) grind or crush (sth) in a mill 用磨研磨或碾碎(某物): The grain was coarsely milled. 谷物粗磨过了. (b) produce (sth) in a mill 碾磨出(某物): milled flour 磨出的面粉.
produce regular markings on the edge of (a coin) 在(硬币)上轧花边: English pound coins have milled edges. 英镑的硬币轧有花边.
cut or shape (metal) with a rotating tool 铣(金属).
(phr v) mill about/around (of people or animals) move round and round in a confused mass (指人或动物)绕圈子, 乱转: Groups of fans were milling about in the streets after the match. 比赛过後入迷的观众成群结队在街上乱转.