1 / mIl; mIl/ n
(building fitted with) machinery or apparatus for grinding grain into flour 磨粉机; 磨粉厂; 磨坊: a `water-mill 水磨 * a `windmill 风车.
machine for grinding or crushing a solid substance into powder 磨碎机; 粉碎机; 碾磨机: a `coffee-mill 咖啡研磨机 * a `pepper-mill 胡椒研磨器.
(building fitted with) machinery for processing materials of certain kinds 材料加工机; 工厂; 工场: a `cotton-mill 纱厂 * a `paper-mill 造纸厂 * a `steel-mill 轧钢厂 * a `saw-mill, ie for timber 锯木厂. =>Usage at factory 用法见factory.
(idm 习语) grist to the/one's `mill => grist. put sb/go through the `mill (cause sb to) undergo hard training or an unpleasant experience (使某人)经受严格训练或磨炼, 历尽艰辛. Cf 参看run-of-the-mill (run2).
# `mill-dam n dam built across a stream to make water available for a mill 磨坊水坝.
`mill-hand n factory worker 工人.
`mill-pond n still water held by a mill-dam to flow to a mill 磨坊贮水池: The sea was as calm as a mill-pond. 海面静如池水.
`mill-race n current of water that turns a mill-wheel 转动磨坊水轮的水流.
`millstone n
1 either of a pair of flat circular stones between which grain is ground 磨石; 磨盘.
2 (idm 习语) a millstone round one's/sb's `neck heavy burden or responsibility 沉重的负担或责任: My debts were like a millstone round my neck. 我欠的债像是在脖子上套着个磨盘.
`mill-wheel n wheel used to drive a water-mill (带动水磨的)水轮.
`millwright n man who designs, builds and repairs water-mills and windmills 设计﹑ 建造和修理水磨和风车的人.