/ 5m\:tFEnt; `m[tFEnt/ n
(a) wholesale trader, esp one who trades with foreign countries 批发商; (尤指)外贸批发商: an ,import-`export merchant 进出口批发商. (b) (in compounds 用以构成复合词) trader in the goods stated 经营某货物的商人: a `coal-merchant 煤商 * a `wine-merchant 酒商. =>Usage at dealer 用法见dealer.
(derog sl 贬, 俚) person who is fond of a specified activity, etc (某活动等的)爱好者: a `speed merchant, ie sb who likes to drive (too) fast 好开快车的人.
# ,merchant `bank bank that specializes in (often large) commercial loans and finance for industry 商业银行.
,merchant ma`rine, ,merchant `navy the merchant ships and seamen of a country collectively (一国的)商船及船员(总称).
,merchant `seaman sailor in the merchant navy 商船船员.
,merchant `ship, ,merchant `shipping ship(s) used for transporting goods 商船.