/ 5menFn; `mZnFEn/ v [Tn, Tf, Tw, Tg, Cn.n/a, Dn.pr, Dpr.f, Dpr.w] ~ sth/sb (as sth); ~ sth/sb (to sb) 1 write or speak about sth/sb briefly; say the name of sth/sb; refer to sth/sb 写到﹑ 说到或提到某事物[某人]: Did she mention it (to the police)? 她(向警察)提过吗? * Did I hear my name mentioned? ie Was somebody talking about me? 有人提起过我吗? * He mentioned (to John) that he had seen you. 他(跟约翰)说他见过你. * Did she mention when she would arrive? 她说过她什麽时候到吗? * Whenever I mention playing football, he says he's too busy. 我一跟他提踢足球的事, 他就说太忙. * They mentioned you as a good source of information. 他们说你消息灵通.
(idm 习语) don't `mention it (used to indicate that thanks, an apology, etc are not necessary 用以表示不必道谢﹑ 道歉等): `You are so kind!' `Don't mention it.' ‘谢谢!’‘不用谢.’ mentioned in dispatches mentioned by name in the official report of a battle, etc because of one's bravery (因勇敢)在战报中受到表扬. not to mention (infml 口) as well as 更不用说; 更不必说: He has a big house and an expensive car, not to mention a villa in France. 他有一所大房子和一辆昂贵汽车, 且不说在法国还有一座别墅了.
> mention n
1 [U] reference to sb/sth (in speech or writing) (口头或书面)提及某人[某事物]: He made no mention of your request. 他没有提到你的要求. * There was no mention of her contribution. 没提到她的贡献.
2 [C] (infml 口) act of mentioning; brief reference 提及; 简述: Did the concert get a mention in the paper? 报纸上报道这次音乐会了吗?
-mentioned (forming compound adjs 用以构成复合形容词) referred to in the specified place 於某处提及的: a,bove-/be,low-`mentioned, ie mentioned before/after the current passage in a book, an article, etc 上述的[下述的].