/ 5mentl; `mZntl/ adj
of, in or to the mind 精神的; 心理的; 智力的: an enormous mental effort 巨大的精神力量 * a mental process, illness, deficiency 心理过程﹑ 精神病﹑ 智力缺陷 * This experience caused him much mental suffering. 这一经历给他的精神造成极大痛苦. * mental cruelty 精神虐待 * make a mental note of sth, ie fix sth in one's mind to be remembered later 把某事记在脑子里.
(infml derog 口, 贬) mad 疯的: You must be mental to drive so fast! 你开得这麽快, 疯啦!
> mentally / 5mentElI; `mZntlI/ adv in the mind; with regard to the mind 精神上; 心理上; 智力上: mentally alert, aware, active, etc 精神上警惕的﹑ 警觉的﹑ 活跃的等 * mentally deficient/defective, ie medically subnormal in the power of the brain 智力缺陷的 * mentally deranged, ie mad 精神错乱的.
# `mental age level of sb's intellectual ability, expressed in terms of the average ability for a certain age 智力年龄; 心理年龄: She is sixteen years old but has a mental age of five. 她十六岁, 而智力年龄是五岁.
,mental a`rithmetic calculation(s) done in the mind, without writing down figures or using a calculator, etc 心算.
`mental home, `mental hospital home/hospital for mental patients 精神病院.
`mental patient person suffering from mental illness 精神病人.