2 / mE5tjUE(r); [email protected] -5tUEr; mE`tJr/ v
[I, Tn] (cause sb/sth to) become mature (使某人[某事物])成熟: Her character matured during these years. 这些年里她的品性已趋成熟. * cheese/wine that matures slowly 熟得慢的奶酪[葡萄酒] * My plan gradually matured. 我的计画逐渐酝酿成熟. * Experience has matured him greatly. 他经历这些事之後已经成熟多了.
[I] (commerce 商) (of insurance policies, etc) become due (指保险单等)到期.
> maturation / 9mAtFU5reIFn; 9mAtFJ`reFEn/ n [U, C] process of becoming or being made mature 成熟; 到期: a slow maturation 缓慢的成熟.