1 / mE5tjUE(r); [email protected] -5tUEr; mE`tJr/ adj
(a) fully grown or developed mentally or physically; having achieved one's full potential 充分发育的; (智力或体力)成熟的; 已具备全部潜力的: a mature person, oak, starling 成熟的人﹑ 橡树﹑ 椋鸟 * a house with a mature garden, ie one where the plants, trees, etc are fully grown and well established 有花木繁茂的花园的住宅 *He's not mature enough to be given too much responsibility.他还不成熟, 不宜给他重任. (b) (of wine or cheese) having reached a stage where its flavour has fully developed (指葡萄酒或乾酪)成熟的.
(of thought, intentions, etc) careful and thorough (指想法﹑ 意图等)深思熟虑的: after mature consideration 经过审慎考虑.
(commerce 商) (of insurance policies, etc) due for payment (指保险单等)到期该付款的.
> maturely adv.
maturity / mE5tjUErEtI; [email protected] -5tUE-; mE`tJrEtI/ n [U] state of being mature 成熟; 到期: reach maturity 到达成熟期.