/ 9mAWE5mAtIks; 9mAWE`mAtIks/ n [sing or pl v] (also Brit infml 英式口语作 maths / mWs; mAWs/ [sing or pl v]; US math / mW; mAW/ [sing v]) science of numbers, quantity and space, of which eg arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry and geometry are branches 数学: His mathematics are weak, ie He is not very good at doing calculations, etc. 他数学不好. * Maths is her strongest subject. 数学是她最强的科目. * I don't understand the mathematics (eg the complicated calculations) here. 我不明白这里复杂的数学运算.
> mathematical / 9mAWE5mAtIkl; 9mAWE`mAtIkl/ adj of mathematics 数学的: a mathematical calculation, formula, etc 数学运算﹑ 公式等. mathematically/-klI; -klI/ adv: She's not mathematically inclined, ie not interested in mathematics. 她对数学不感兴趣.
mathematician / 9mAWEmE5tIFn; 9mAWEmE`tIFEn/ n expert in mathematics 数学家.