1 / meIt; met/ n
(a) (infml 口) (male) friend, companion or fellow-worker (男的)朋友, 夥伴, 同事: He's an old mate of mine. 他是我的老夥伴. * I'm off for a drink with my mates. 我要和同事出去喝一杯. (b) (Brit sl 俚) (used as a form of address to a man 用作对男子的称呼): Where are you off to, mate? 老兄, 你上哪儿去? (c) (in compounds 用以构成复合词) person participating in the same named activity, organization, etc or sharing the same accommodation 参与同一活动﹑ 组织等或同享食宿的人: my room-mate/flat-mate 与我同住一室[一单元]的人 * her team-mates, class-mates, playmates 她的队友﹑ 同学﹑ 夥伴.
(in job names 用於工作名称中) assistant of a skilled workman 熟练工的助手: a plumber's mate 铅管工的助手.
(in the merchant navy) ship's officer below the rank of captain (商船中)级别低於船长的职员: the chief mate, ie ranking just below the captain 大副 * the first/second/third mate[二/三]副.
(a) either of a pair of birds or animals 一对鸟或兽之一: The blackbird sat on the nest waiting for the return of her mate. 黑鹂在巢中等候其雄鸟归来. (b) (infml 口) husband or wife 丈夫; 妻子.