2 / mB:k; mBrk/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ A (with B); ~ B on A make (a mark or marks) on sth 在某物上做(记号): mark one's name on one's clothes/mark one's clothes with one's name 在自己的衣服上标上自己的名字 * The route has been marked so that it is easy to follow. 这条路线已标有记号, 很容易跟着走. * Prices are marked on the goods. 商品上都标有价目. * a face marked (ie scarred) by smallpox 出过天花的麻子脸.
[Tn] indicate or denote (sth) 表示, 指明(某事物): This cross marks the spot where she died. 这个十字符号标明她死去的地点. * His death marked the end of an era. 他的死标志着一个时代的结束. * There will be ceremonies to mark (ie celebrate) the Queen's birthday. 庆祝女王生日将要举行典礼.
[Tn] give marks (mark1 4) to (pupils' work, etc) 给(学生作业等)批分数, 评成绩: mark examination papers 评阅试卷 * I have twenty essays to mark tonight. 今晚我有二十篇文章要评分数.
[Cn.a] show (sth) by putting a mark, eg a tick by sb's name 作记号表示(某事物)(如在某人姓名旁打勾号): mark sb absent/present 标出某人缺席[出席] * Why have you marked the sentence wrong? 你为什麽把那句话标为病句呢?
[Tn, Cn.n/a] ~ sth (as sth) be a distinguishingfeature of (sth) 为(某事物)的特徵: a style marked by precision and wit 以精巧为特徵的文体 * These are qualities which mark the film as quite exceptional. 这些特点标志着那部影片与众不同.
[Tn, Tw] (fml 文) pay attention to (sth); note carefully 注意(某事物); 留心: You mark/Mark my words, ie You will find that what I say is correct. 留心听我说的话(你以後就明白我说得对). * Mark carefully how it is done. 仔细注意这是怎麽做的.
[Tn] (sport 体) stay close to (an opposing player) so that he cannot play easily 钉住(对手): Our defence had him closely marked throughout the first half. 我们的後卫在整个上半场都把他钉得死死的.
(idm 习语) a marked `man man whose conduct, etc has caused him to be disliked and selected for punishment, etc 因行为等令人不悦而遭惩罚等的人: By breaking the rule of absolute secrecy, he became a marked man. 他因违犯绝密条例, 成了处罚对象. mark `time (a) march without moving forward 原地踏步. (b) (fig 比喻) pass one's time doing sth routine until one can do sth more interesting, etc 等待时机: I'm just marking time in this job; I'm hoping to become an actor. 我做这份工作是骑马找马; 我很希望当演员. mark you nevertheless; all the same; however 尽管如此; 反正; 可是; 然而: She hasn't had much success yet. Mark you, she does try hard. 她还没做出什麽成绩来. 但她确实很努力.
(phr v) mark sb down reduce the marks given to sb in an examination, etc 给某人考试成绩等减分: She was marked down because her answers were too short. 她回答得太简短, 给减了分. mark sth down reduce the price of sth 减某物的价: All goods have been marked down by 15%. 所有货物一律八五折. mark sth off separate sth by marking a boundary 标明界限以隔开某物: We have marked the playing area off with a white line. 我们已用白线画出运动场地. mark sb out for sth (esp passive 尤用於被动语态) choose sb to receive sth special 选择某人接受某事物: a woman marked out for early promotion 被选定尽早晋升的女子 * He was marked out for special training. 他被指定接受特殊训练. mark sth out draw lines to show the boundaries of sth 画线标出某物的界限: mark out a tennis court, car-park, etc 画出网球场﹑ 停车场等的界限. mark sb up increase the marks given to sb in an examination 给某人考试成绩加分: If we mark him up a tiny bit, he'll just get through. 我们只要给他稍加点分, 他就能勉强及格. mark sth up (a) add a percentage to the cost/wholesale price of sth in calculating the selling/retail price 给成本[批发]价格加一百分比(以计算销售[零售]价格): Whisky is marked up by 150%. 威士忌在成本价上增加150%. (b) increase the price of sth 提高某物的价格: Cars have been marked up recently. 最近汽车已涨价.
> marked / mB:kt; mBrkt/ adj clear; noticeable; easily seen 清楚的; 明显的; 易见的: a marked difference, similarity, improvement, etc 显着的差异﹑ 相似﹑ 改进等 * a woman of marked intelligence 聪明过人的女子. markedly / 5mB:kIdlI; `mBrkIdlI/ adv (fml 文) in a marked manner; noticeably 清楚地; 显着地: He was markedly more pleasant than before. 他比以前和气多了.
marker n
1 (a) person or tool that makes marks 作标记的人或工具: [attrib 作定语] a `marker pen 标记笔. (b) person who keeps the score in certain games (某些比赛中的)记分员. (c) examiner 主考人.
2 flag, post, etc, that marks a position (指示位置的)旗﹑ 杆等: [attrib 作定语] a `marker buoy 标志浮标.
marking n (usu pl 通常作复数) pattern of marks, esp the colours of skin, fur or feathers 斑点, 花纹(尤指皮肤﹑ 毛皮或羽毛的颜色): a dog with white markings on its chest 胸部有白斑的狗.
# `mark-down n (usu sing 通常作单数) reduction in price 减价; 削价: a mark-down of 20% 减价20%.
`marking-ink n [U, C] indelible ink used for marking names on clothes, etc 不退色墨水(用以在衣物等上作标记的).
`mark-up n (usu sing 通常作单数) 1 percentage of wholesale/cost price added when calculating the retail/selling price of sth (在计算某物的零售[销售]价格时, 对批发[成本]价格的)加价百分比: The mark-up on food in a restaurant is usually at least 100%. 餐馆食物的成本加价率通常至少是100%. 2 increase in price 涨价; 加价: a 10% mark-up on cigarettes after the Budget 财政预算公布後香烟加价一成.