/ 5mB:bl; `mBrbl/ n
[U] type of hard limestone used, when cut and polished, for building and sculpture 大理石: a slab of unpolished marble 未经打磨的大理石板 * These steps are made of marble. 这些台阶是大理石的. * [attrib 作定语] a marble statue, tomb, etc 大理石的雕像﹑ 墓等.
marbles [pl] collection of marble sculptures; works of art in marble 大理石雕刻品; 大理石艺术品.
(a) [C] small ball of glass, clay, etc used by children in games (儿童玩的)玻璃弹球, 泥弹球. (b) marbles [pl] game played with these 弹球游戏: Let's have a game of marbles. 咱们玩儿弹球游戏吧.
(idm 习语) lose one's marbles => lose.
> marble adj [attrib 作定语] (fig 比喻) like marble 像大理石的: marble (ie smooth and white) skin 大理石般光洁的皮肤 * a marble (ie cold and unfeeling) heart 铁石心肠.
marbled / 5mB:bld; `mBrbld/ adj having a pattern of streaks in different colours, resembling marble 有大理石般色彩纹理的: a book with marbled covers 有大理石花纹封面的书.
marbling / 5mB:blIN; `mBrblIN/ n [U] (technique of producing a) marbled pattern on paper 纸上的大理石花纹图案(制作技术).