/ 9mnjU5fktFE(r); 9mAnjE`fAktFL/ v [Tn]
make (goods) on a large scale using machinery 用机器大量制造(货物): manufacture shoes, cement, cookers 制造鞋﹑ 水泥﹑ 炉具 * manufacturing industry, eg in contrast with industries which do not make products 制造工业.
(usu derog 通常作贬义) invent (evidence, an excuse, etc) 假造, 虚构, 捏造(证据﹑ 藉口等): She manufactured a false story to hide the facts. 她编 造瞎话以掩盖事实.
> manufacture n
1 [U] activity of manufacturing 制造; 编造: firms engaged in the manufacture of plastics 从事制造塑料的公司 * goods of foreign manufacture,ie made abroad 外国产品.
2 manufactures [pl] manufactured goods or articles 制造品; 产品.
manufacturer n person or firm that manufactures things 制造商; 工厂主; 制造厂: Send these faulty goods back to the manufacturer. 把这些次货退还给厂家. * a clothing, a car, an electronics, etc manufacturer 服装﹑ 汽车﹑ 电子产品等制造厂.