/ 5mnjUEl; `mAnjJEl/ adj of, done with or controlled by the hands 手的; 手工的; 手制的; 手控的: Making small models requires manual skill. 制作小模型要手巧. * manual labour 体力劳动 * a manual gear-box, ie one operated by the hand with a gear-lever, not automatically 手动变速箱. Cf 参看 mechanical 1.
> manual n
book containing information or practical instructions (on a given subject) 手册; 指南: a training manual 训练手册 * A workshop manual gives diagrams and instructions for repairing your car. 维修手册可向您提供修理汽车所需的图表和说明. Cf 参看 handbook (hand1).
keyboard of an organ, played with the hands (风琴的)键盘: a two-manual organ 双键盘风琴.
manually / -jUElI; -jJElI/ adv: manually operated 手工操作的.