/ 5mAnE(r); `mAnL/ n
[sing] (fml 文) way in which a thing is done or happens 方式; 方法: the manner in which he died 他死的方式 * the manner of his death, ie the way he died 他死亡的方式 * I don't object to what she says, but I strongly disapprove of her manner of saying it. 我不反对她说的话, 但她说这话的方式我很反感. * Do it in a businesslike manner. 要郑重其事做这件事. * He objected in a forceful manner. 他表示坚决反对.
[sing] person's way of behaving towards others 态度: He has an aggressive manner. 他的态度咄咄逼人. * I don't like her manner -- she's very hostile. 我不喜欢她的态度--待人如仇敌.
manners [pl] (a) social behaviour 礼貌; 规矩: good/bad manners [没有]礼貌 * It's bad manners to stare at people. 瞪着眼睛看人是不礼貌的. * He has no manners at all, ie behaves very badly. 他毫无礼貌. * Aren't you forgetting your manners (ie being rude)? 你是不是没礼貌了? (b) habits and customs 习惯; 风俗: eighteenth-century aristocratic manners 十八世纪贵族的风俗习惯.
[sing] (fml or rhet 文或修辞) kind (of person or thing); sort (人或物的)种类: What manner of man is he? 他是哪种人?
(idm 习语) all manner of sb/sth (fml 文) every kind of sb/sth 各种各样的: All manner of vehicles were used. 使用了各种车辆. bedside manner => bedside (bed1). a comedy of manners => comedy. in a manner of speaking to some extent; if regarded in a certain way 不妨说; 可以说; 在某种意义上说: His success is in a manner of speaking our success, too. 他的成功也可以说是我们的成功. in the manner of sb in the style of literature or art typical of sb 以某人的文艺风格: a painting in the manner of Raphael 拉斐尔风格的画. not by `any manner of means/by `no manner of means (used for emphasis 用以加强语气) not at all 一 点都不; 绝不: She hasn't won yet, (not) by any manner of means. 她还未获胜, 远未获胜. (as/as if) to the manner `born as if one has long experience of doing sth 生来就惯於做某事: She isn't a practised public speaker, but she faced her audience as (if) to the manner born. 她虽无演讲经验, 但(似乎)生来并不怯场.
> mannered adj having an unnatural style of speaking, writing, etc; affected (语言﹑ 文字等)不自然的, 矫揉造作的: Her prose is far too mannered and self-conscious. 她的散文过於矫揉造作.
-mannered (forming compound adjs 用以构成复合形容词) having manners of the specified type 有某种态度或举止的: ,ill-/,well-/,rough-`mannered 无礼貌的[有礼貌的/粗鲁的].