/ 5mAnIdV; `mAnIdV/ v
(a) [Tn] be in charge of (sth); run 负责(某事物); 管理; 经营: manage a shop, business, factory, etc 管理商店﹑ 企业﹑ 工厂等 * manage a department, project 负责一部门﹑ 工程 * Jones manages the finances here. 琼斯主管这里的财务. (b) keep (a child, an animal, etc) in order; control 管理(小孩﹑ 动物等); 控制; 驾驭; 照管: manage a difficult horse 驾驭一匹不驯服的马 * Can you manage children well? 你能管好孩子吗? * He's good at managing his money, ie at controlling how much he spends. 他善於理财.
(a) [I, Ipr, Tn, Tt] ~ (on sth); ~ (without sb/sth) succeed in doing (sth); cope (with sth) 做成(某事); 应付(某事): I just can't manage (ie live) on 50 a week. 我可没办法靠每星期50英镑维持生活. * I can't borrow the money so I'll have to manage without. 我借不到这笔钱, 只好将就了. * I shan't be able to manage (the job) (without help). (没有帮助)我将无法应付(这项工作). * In spite of these insults, she managed not to get angry. 她尽管受到这些侮辱, 还是忍着没发火. * I just about managed to get up the stairs. 我总算挣扎着上了楼. (b) [Tn] (used often with can, could 常与can﹑ could连用) succeed in producing, achieving or doing (sth) 产生, 达到, 做(某事物): I haven't been learning French for long, so I can only manage (ie speak) a few words. 我学法语的时间还不长, 所以我只能凑合着说几句. * Even a schoolboy could manage (ie write) a better story than that. 连小学生写的故事都比那个好. * I couldn't manage (ie eat) another thing, I'm afraid. 我看我再也吃不下了. * Despite his disappointment, he managed a smile, ie succeeded in smiling. 他尽管很失望, 还是强颜为笑. * Can you manage lunch (ie come to lunch) on Tuesday? 你星期二能来吃午饭吗?
> manageable adj that can be managed; easily controlled 能处理的; 易管理的; 易控制的: a business of manageable size 在规模方面便於管理的企业.
# ,managing di`rector person who controls the business operations of a company 总经理.