/ 5meIkIN; `mekIN/ n (idm 习语) be the making of sb make sb succeed or develop well 使某人成功或顺利: These two years of hard work will be the making of him. 这两年的艰苦工作能把他造就成材. have the makings of sth have the qualities needed to become sth 有条件成为某事物: She has the makings of a good lawyer. 她具备当个好律师的素质. in the `making in the course of being made, formed or developed 在制造﹑ 形成或发展的过程中: This first novel is the work of a writer in the making, ie not yet an expert writer. 这第一本小说是作者正在成长锻炼中的作品. * This model was two years in the making, ie took two years to make. 这一型号的产品是用了两年时间制成的.