1 / 5meIdVE(r); `medVL/ adj
[usu attrib 通常作定语] (more) important; great(er) (较)重要的; (较)大的; 主要的: a major road 干路 * the major portion 较大的部分 * a major operation, ie a surgical operation that could be dangerous to a person's life 大手术(可能危及生命者) * a major suit, ie (in cards, esp bridge) either spades or hearts (纸牌, 尤指桥牌的)高花色牌(黑桃或红桃) * We have encountered major problems. 我们遇到大问题了. * She has written a major novel, ie one of high quality and great importance. 她写了一部高质量的小说. Cf 参看 minor.
(Brit dated or joc 旧或谑) (in private schools) first or older of two brothers or boys with the same surname (esp in the same school) (私立学校中)(兄弟俩或同姓男生中)年长的, 大的: Smith major 大史密斯. Cf 参看 minor, senior.
(music 音) (of a key or scale) having two full tones between the first and third notes (指调或音阶)大调的, 大音阶的: the major key 大调 * a major scale 大音阶 * the key of C major, E flat major, etc C大调﹑ 降E大调. Cf 参看 minor.
> major v [Ipr] ~ in sth (US) specialize in a certain subject (at college or university) 主修(大专院校的)科目: She majored in maths and physics (at university). 她(在大学)主修数学和物理.
major n
1 [sing] (music 音) major key 大调: shift from major to minor 由大调转到小调.
2 [C] (US) (a) principal subject or course of a student at college or university (大专院校学生的)主修科目, 主修课程, 专业: Her major is French. 她的主修科目是法语. (b) student studying such a subject 某专业的学生: She's a French major. 她是法语专业的学生.
3 majors [pl] (also major `leagues) (US sport 体) senior and most important leagues, esp in baseball and ice hockey 高级联赛协会(尤指棒球及冰上曲棍球的): [attrib 作定语] major league baseball 高级联赛协会棒球赛.
# major `premise the first, more general statement of a syllogism (逻辑学三段论法的)大前提.