/ meIn5teIn; men`ten/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth) cause sth to continue; keep sth in existence at the same level, standard, etc 保持或维持某事物: maintain friendly relations, contacts, etc (with sb) (与某人)保持友好关系﹑ 接触等 * enough food to maintain one's strength 足以维持体力的食物 * maintain law and order 维持法治 * maintain prices, ie prevent them falling 维持住物价(防止跌落) * maintain one's rights 保留自己的权利 * Maintain your speed at 60 mph. 你要保持每小时60英里的速度. * The improvement in his health is being maintained. 他的健康状况仍在继续好转.
[Tn] support (sb) financially 在财务上支持(某人); 赡养; 扶养: earn enough to maintain a family in comfort 挣的钱足以维持一家人过舒适的生活 * This school is maintained by a charity. 该校由一慈善机构资助. * She maintains two sons at university. 她供两个儿子上大学.
[Tn] keep (sth) in good condition or working order 保养, 维修(某物): maintain the roads, a house, a car, etc 保养道路﹑ 房子﹑ 汽车等 * Engineers maintain the turbines. 机修工维修涡轮机. * a well-maintained house 保养良好的房子.
[Tn, Tf] assert (sth) as true 断言(某事)属实; 坚持: maintain one's innocence 坚持自己无辜 * maintain that one is innocent of a charge 对某项指控坚称无罪.