/ mAg5netIk; mA^`nZtIk/ adj
with the properties of a magnet 有磁性的: The block becomes magnetic when the current is switched on. 通电时线圈即具磁性.
(fig 比喻) having a powerful attraction 有强大吸引力的: a magnetic smile, personality 极有吸引力的微笑﹑ 性格.
of magnetism 磁性的; 磁的: magnetic properties, forces, etc 磁性﹑ 磁力. > magnetically/-klI; -klI/ adv.
# magnetic `compass = compass1.
magnetic `field area round a magnet where a magnetic force is exerted 磁场.
magnetic `mine underwater mine2(2) that explodes when a large mass of iron, eg a ship, approaches it 磁性水雷.
magnetic `needle needle that points roughly north and south, used on a compass 磁针.
magnetic `north northerly direction indicated by a magnetic needle 磁北: magnetic north pole, ie close to the geographical North Pole but not identical with it 磁北极.
magnetic `tape plastic tape coated with iron oxide, used for recording sound or television pictures 磁带; 录音带; 录像带.