/ 5lRIEltI; `lRIEltI/ n (a) [U] being true and faithful; loyal behaviour 忠诚; 忠诚行为: swear an oath of loyalty to the King 向国王宣誓效忠 * Can I count on your loyalty? 你对我的忠诚能让我信得过吗? (b) [C often pl 常作复数] bond that makes a person faithful to sb/sth 向某人[某事物]效忠的义务或约束: We all have a loyalty to the company. 我们对公司都有效忠的义务. * a case of divided loyalties, ie of being loyal to two different and often conflicting causes, etc 两面效忠(对常为对立双方皆效忠).