1 / lEU; lo/ adj (-er, -est)
not high or tall; not extending far upwards 低的; 矮的: a low wall, ceiling, tree 矮的墙﹑ 天花板﹑ 树 * a low range of hills 低矮的冈峦 * flying at a low altitude 在低空飞行 * The sun is low in the sky. 太阳很低. * a low brow, ie with hair-line and eyebrows close together 低前额(发线与眼眉靠得近者) * a dress low in the neck/a low-necked dress, ie one leaving the upper part of the breasts and much of the shoulders bare 领口低的连衣裙(袒胸露臂的).
below the usual or normal level, amount, intensity, etc 低於通常或正常水平﹑ 数量﹑ 强度等的: low wages, taxes, prices, etc 低的工资﹑ 税率﹑ 价格等 * low temperature 低温 * low pressure, eg of the atmosphere, of gas or water piped to houses, of blood 低压(如气压﹑ 煤气或自来水压﹑ 血压) * low cloud 低云 * The surrounding land is low (ie not far above sea-level) and marshy. 周围的地低洼而多沼泽. * a low-density housing estate, ie one with comparatively few houses in the space available 低密度的住宅区(房屋较少) * The reservoir was very low after the long drought. 久旱之後水库的水位很低了.
ranking below others in importance or quality (在重要性或质量上)低於或劣於其他的: upper and lower classes of society 社会的上下阶层 * of low birth 出身低贱的 * low forms of life, ie creatures having a relatively simple structure 低等的生物 * low-grade fuel 低级燃料.
vulgar or coarse 鄙俗的; 粗俗的: low manners, tastes, etc 粗俗的举止﹑ 低级趣味 * He keeps low company. 他结交庸俗的朋友. * low comedy, ie a crude form of farce 低级的喜剧 * low cunning, ie immoral and selfish cleverness 下流的诡计.
(of sound or a voice) not high in pitch; deep (指声音)不尖的, 深沉的: A man's voice is usually lower than a woman's. 男子的嗓音通常比女子的低.
not loud 小声的; 低沉的: a low rumble of thunder 低沉的隆隆雷声 * Keep your voice low. 要小声说话.
lacking in vigour; feeble or depressed 无生气的; 衰弱的; 情绪低的: in a low state of health 身体虚弱 * feel low/in low spirits/low-spirited 觉得情绪低落.
(of a gear) allowing a slower speed of a vehicle in relation to its engine speed (指变速器)低挡的: You'll need to change into a lower gear when going up this hill. 上这座山时得换低挡.
(idm 习语) at a low `ebb in a poor state; worse than usual 处於低潮; 情况不佳; 比平时差: Her spirits were at a very low ebb, ie She was very depressed. 她的情绪极度低落. be/run `low (on sth) (of supplies) be/become almost exhausted; have almost exhausted the supplies (of sth) (指供应品)几乎耗尽:The petrol's running low. 汽油快用完了. * We're (running) low on petrol. 我们的汽油不多了. a high/low profile => profile. lay sb/sth `low (a) bring sb/sth into a flat or horizontal position 使某人[某物]倒下或平卧: He laid his opponent low with a single punch. 他一拳就把对手打倒在地. (b) weaken or destroy 使衰弱或毁灭: The whole family was laid low by/with (ie was ill and in bed with) flu. 全家都因流感病倒在床上.
> `lowermost adj lowest 最低的; 最下的.
lowness n [U].
# ,Low `Church section of the Church of England that gives little importance to ritual and the authority of bishops and priests 低教会派(英国国教的一支, 不注重仪式及主教﹑ 牧师的权威地位): My family is Low Church. 我家属低教会派. ,Low-`Churchman n member or supporter of this 低教会派成员.
,low-`class adj of poor quality or low social class 低级的; 低等的; 质量低劣的; 社会地位卑下的: ,low-class `merchandise 低级的商品.
,lower `case (in printing) small letters, not capitals (印刷)小楷字母, 小写字体: [attrib 作定语] ,lower-case `lettering 小写体字.
,Lower `Chamber (also ,Lower `House) larger, usu elected, branch of a legislative assembly (eg the House of Commons in Britain, the House of Representatives in the US) 下议院(如英国的下议院, 美国的众议院).
the ,lower `deck (in the Navy) petty officers and lower ranks (not the officers) (海军中)水兵和低级军官.
,low `frequency (abbr 缩写 LF) radio frequency of 30 to 300 kilohertz 低频(无线电波段中30-300千赫范围内的频率).
,low-`key (also ,low-`keyed) adj not intense or emotional; restrained 低调的; 不强烈的; 克制的; 有节制的: The wedding was a very ,low-key af`fair. 婚礼办得毫不招摇.
lowland / 5lEUlEnd; `lolEnd/ n (usu pl 通常作复数) low-lying land 低地. `lowlander / -lEndE(r); -lEndL/ n (a) person who lives in a lowland area 低地人. (b) (also `Lowlander) native of the Scottish Lowlands 苏格兰低地人.
,low-level `language computer language using instructions that correspond closely to the operations which the computer will perform 低级语言(近於计算机作业指令的).
,low-`pitched adj (of sounds) low in pitch3(3a) (指声音)低调的, 轻的, 低沉的: a ,low-pitched `voice 低沉的嗓音.
`low season time of year when fewest visitors come to a resort, etc (旅游胜地等的)淡季.
,low `tide (also ,low `water) (a) tide when at its lowest level 低潮; 低水位. (b) time when this occurs 低潮期; 低水位期. ,low-`water mark (a) lowest point reached by the water at low tide 低潮线; 低水位线. (b) (fig 比喻) lowest or worst point 最低点; 最坏程度: the low-water mark of the company's fortunes 公司业绩的最低点.