/ lu:p; lup/ n
(a) shape produced by a curve crossing itself (曲线自绕所成的)环形, 圈: a double loop like a figure eight 像8字的双圈 * handwriting with loops on many of the letters 把很多字母都写得带圈的笔体. (b) any path or pattern shaped roughly like this 环形的轨迹或图案: The plane flew round and round in wideloops. 飞机翻着大圈一圈一圈地飞行. (c) length of string, wire, etc in such a shape, usu fastened at the crossing (绳﹑ 金属线等绕成的)环, 结: a loop of ribbon to carry the package by 包裹上供手提的缎带套.
complete circuit for electric current 环形线路.
(computing 计) set of instructions carried out repeatedly until some specified condition is satisfied 循环.
contraceptive coil 避孕环.
> loop v
1 [I, Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] form or bend (sth) into a loop or loops 使(某物)成环或圈: strings of lanterns looping/looped between the branches of the trees 绕树穿枝回环成串的灯笼 * looped threads 打圈的线 * loop (up) a rope 把绳子挽成圈.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] fasten or join (sth) with a loop or loops 打环扣系住(某物); 缠绕: loop the rope round the post 把绳子缠绕在柱子上 * loop the curtains back 卷起帘子.
3 (idm 习语) ,loop the `loop (of an aircraft) fly in a complete circle vertically; (of a pilot) cause an aircraft to do this (指飞行器或驾驶员)翻圈飞行, 翻跟头飞行.
# `loop-line n railway or telegraph line that leaves the main line and then joins it again (铁路的)会车线; (电信的)回线, 环形线路.