/ 5lEUnlI; `lonlI/ adj
sad because one lacks friends or companions 孤寂的; 寂寞的: I live all alone but I never feel lonely. 我虽孑然一身, 但从不感孤寂. * a lonely-looking child 形单影只的孩子 * Living in a big city can be (ie make one feel) very lonely. 在大城市里生活还真很孤寂. * Hers is a lonely life. 她的生活很寂寞.
[attrib 作定语] (of places) far from inhabited places; not often visited; remote (指地方)偏僻的, 人迹罕至的; 偏远的: Antarctica is the loneliest place on earth. 南极是地球上最偏远的地区.
[attrib 作定语] without companions 孤单的; 无伴侣的: a lonely traveller 孤单的旅客.
(idm 习语) plough a lonely furrow => plough v. =>Usage at alone 用法见alone. > loneliness n [U]: suffer from loneliness 备嚐孤寂之苦.
# ,lonely `hearts people who are seeking friendship, esp with a view to marriage 徵友者(尤指物色佳偶者): [attrib 作定语] a lonely hearts column, ie a section of a newspaper, etc containing messages from such people (报纸等的)徵友专栏.