/ 5lCdVIkl; `lBdVIkl/ adj
in accordance with the rules of logic; correctly reasoned 合逻辑的; 推理正确的: a logical argument, conclusion 合逻辑的论据﹑ 结论.
(of an action, event, etc) in accordance with what seems reasonable or natural (指行为﹑ 事情等)合乎情理的, 合乎常理的: the logical outcome 合情合理的结果 * It seemed the only logical thing to do. 看来那样做才合乎常理.
capable of reasoning correctly 有逻辑头脑的; 有推理能力的: a logical mind 善於推理的头脑.
> logicality / 9lCdVI5kAlEtI; 9lBdVI`kAlEtI/ n [U] being logical 合逻辑; 合理.
logically / -klI; -klI/ adv: argue logically 有条理地辩论.