/ 5lCkE(r); `lBkL/ n
(a) small cupboard, esp one of several where clothes can be kept, eg at a swimming-pool 小厨柜(尤指供存放衣物的, 如在游泳池处): left-`luggage lockers, ie for depositing luggage in, eg at a railway station 行李寄存柜(如在火车站中的). (b) (nautical 海) box or compartment for storing clothes, ammunition, etc in a ship (船上贮藏衣物﹑ 弹药等的)箱, 室, 库.
(idm 习语) be in/go to ,Davy Jones's `locker be drowned at sea 葬身大海.
# `locker-room n (esp US) room at a sports club, etc for changing in, with lockers for clothes, etc (体育俱乐部等的)衣物间.