1 / 5lIvE(r); `lIvL/ n
[C] large organ in the abdomen that produces bile and purifies the blood 肝脏. =>illus at digestive 见digestive插图.
[U, C] liver of certain animals, used as food (供食用的)肝: pig's liver 猪肝 * chicken livers 鸡肝.
> liverish (also livery) adj
1 suffering from a disorder of the liver 患肝病的.
2 irritable; peevish 易怒的; 脾气坏的.
# `liver sausage (also esp US liverwurst / 5lIvEw\:st;`lIvL9w[st/) sausage containing cooked and finely chopped liver, usu eaten cold on bread 肝香肠.