3 / 5lItl; `lItl/ a little indef det (used with [U] ns 与不可数名词连用) a small amount (of sth); some but not much 少量; 些微; 稍许: a little milk, sugar, tea, etc 少许牛奶﹑ 糖﹑ 茶等 * Could you give a little more attention to spelling? 你稍微多注意一下拼写好吗? * I need a little help to move these books. 我需要人来帮点忙搬这些书. * It caused not a little (ie a great deal of) confusion. 这事引起很大混乱.
> a little indef pron
a small amount of sth; some but not much 少量; 些微; 稍许. (a) (referring back 用以复指前文): There was a lot of food but I only ate a little. 食物很多, 但我只吃了一点儿. * If you've got any spare milk, could you give me a little? 你要是有多余的牛奶, 能不能给我一些? (b) (referring forward 用以预指後文): I've only read a little of the book. 这书我只读过一点儿. * A little of the conversation was about politics. 谈话中只涉及少许政治问题.
(idm 习语) after/for a `little after/for a short distance or time 经过很短距离或时间: After a little he got up and left. 过了一会儿他站起来走了. * We left the car and walked for a little. 我们下了汽车走了一小段路.
a little adv to some extent 有些; 有几分: She seemed a little afraid of going inside. 她好像有点怕往里走. * These shoes are a little too big for me. 这鞋我穿着有点大. * She was not a little (ie very) worried about the expense. 她对那笔开支相当苦恼.