2 / 5lItl; `lItl/ indef det (used with [U] ns 与不可数名词连用) a small amount (of sth); not enough 小量的; 不足的; 不多的: I have very little time for reading. 我没有多少时间看书. * We had little rain all summer. 一夏天几乎没下雨. * There's little point in telling her now. 现在告诉她已没有什麽意义了. =>Usage at much1 用法见much1.
> little indef pron (used as a n when preceded by the 在the之後, 用作名词) a small amount 些少; 少量: Little of the music was recognizable. 那音乐差不多都难於辨识. * I understood little of what he said. 他说的我只听懂一点儿. * We read a lot of poetry at school I remember very little now. 我们上学时念过不少诗--现在我记得的所剩无几. * The little that I have seen of his work is satisfactory. 他的工作就我所见的那一小部分而言是令人满意的.
little adv
not much; only slightly 些少; 稍许: He is little known as an artist. 他是个不出名的艺术家. * She left little more than an hour ago. 她离开一个多钟头了. * I slept very little last night. 昨晚我睡得很少. * Little does he know (ie He doesn't know) what trouble he's in. 他对自己所处何种地步茫无所知.
(idm 习语) ,little by `little making progress slowly, gradually 一点一点地; 逐渐地: Little by little the snow disappeared. 雪渐渐消失. * His English is improving little by little. 他的英语渐有提高. ,little or `nothing hardly anything 几乎无: She said little or nothing about her experience. 她对自己的经历没怎麽透露. make little of sth (a) = make light of sth (light3). (b) understand or read hardly anything of sth 不明白; 看不懂: It's in Chinese I can make little of it. 这是中文--我一点儿都不懂. Cf 参看 less.