1 / 5lItl; `lItl/ adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] (Thecomparative and superlative forms, littler / 5lItlE(r); `lItlL/ and littlest / 5lItlIst; `lItlIst/ are rare. It is more common to use smaller, smallest. 此词的比较级和最高级罕用littlerlittlest而常用smaller和smallest. )
not big; small 小的: six little puppies 六只小狗 * a little coffee-table 小咖啡桌 * a little movement of impatience 不耐烦的小动作 * a little group of tourists 一小批游客 * There's a little mark on your sleeve. 你的袖子上有一小块污迹. * a house with a little garden 带小花园的房子 * little holes to let air in 通气的小孔.
(of distance or time) short (指距离或时间)短的: It's only a little way now. 现在没多远了. * You may have to wait a little while. 你可能得等上一小会儿. * Shall we go for a little walk? 散会儿步好吗?
(used usu after nice, pretty, sweet, nasty, etc to express the speaker's feeling of affection, pleasure, annoyance, etc 通常用於nice﹑ pretty﹑ sweet﹑ nasty等之後表示亲切﹑ 快乐﹑ 嫌恶等): a nice little room 玲珑的房间 * a sweet little child 长得很甜的孩子 * a funny little restaurant 古里古怪的餐厅 * What a nasty little man! 多麽讨人厌的家伙! * A (dear) little old lady helped me find my way. 有位(可亲)可敬的老太太帮我找到路了. * There's a little shop on the corner that sells bread. 街角上有那麽个卖面包的舖子.
not important; insignificant 不重要的; 不足道的: a little mistake 小错 * We only had a little snack at lunchtime. 我们午饭只吃了一点小吃.
young 幼小的: I had curly hair when I was little. 我小时候是鬈发. * My little (ie younger) brother is 18. 我弟弟18岁.
small when compared with others (相比之下)小的: one's little finger 小指 * the little hand of the clock 钟的短针 * `Which packet would you prefer?' `I'll take the little one.' ‘你喜欢哪一包?’‘我要小包.’ =>Usage at small 用法见small.
(idm 习语) big, etc oaks from little acorns grow => oak. in little (fml 文) on a small scale 小规模地. a little bird told me (that...) (joc 谑) I know but will not tell you how, or from whom, I know 我知道, 但我不告诉你我是怎麽知道的. twist sb round one's little finger => twist.
# the ,Little `Bear small constellation near the north pole 小熊星座(在北极附近). Cf 参看 the Great Bear (great).
the `little people, the `little folk small people with supernatural powers; fairies or elves 小仙子; 小精灵.