/ 5lIsn; `lIsn/ v
[I, Ipr] ~ (to sb/sth) try to hear sb/sth; pay attention 听; 倾听: We listened carefully but heard nothing. 我们仔细地听, 但什麽也没听见. * You're not listening to what I'm saying! 你没注意听我说 话!
[Ipr] ~ to sb/sth allow oneself to be persuaded by (a suggestion, request, etc) 听从; 听信: I never listen to (ie believe) what salesmen tell me. 我从不听信推销员的话.
(idm 习语) listen to/hear reason => reason.
(phr v) listen (out) for sth wait alertly in order to hear (a sound) 留神等着听(某声音): Please listen out for the phone while I'm in the bath. 我洗澡时请你留心听着有没有电话来. listen `in (to sth) (a) listen to a radio broadcast 收听电台广播: listening in to the BBC World Service 收听英国广播公司国际新闻节目. (b) overhear (a conversation, etc) 偷听(谈话等): She loves listening in to other people's gossip. 她爱偷听别人闲谈. * The criminals did not know the police were listening in, eg by tapping their telephone. 罪犯不知道他们一直受着警方的监听(如窃听其电话).
> listen n (usu sing 通常作单数) (infml 口) act of listening 听: Have a listen and see if you can hear anything I can't. 你听有声音吗--我听不见.
listener n (a) person who listens 听者: a good listener, ie one who can be relied on to listen attentively or sympathetically 认真听的人. (b) person listening to a radio programme 收听电台广播的人: Good evening to all our listeners! 各位听众, 晚上好!