1 / lIst; lIst/ n
series of names, items, figures, etc written or printed 一览表; 清单: a shopping list 购物单 * make a list of things one must do 把要做的事列出清单 * put sb/sth on the list 将某人[某事物]列在单子上 * take sb/sth off the list 将某人[某事物]从单子上除掉.
(idm 习语) on the danger list => danger.
> list v [Tn] (a) make a list of (things) 将(事物)列於表上; 造表; 列单子: list one's engagements for the week 把一周要做的事列成表. (b) put (things) on a list 编(事物)的目录: The books are listed alphabetically. 这些书是按字母顺序编入目录的.
# ,listed `building (Brit) building officially registered as being of architectural or historical importance (and therefore protected from demolition, etc) 注册的文物保护建筑物.
`list price (commerce 商) published or advertised price of goods (价目单上的)定价: selling sth for less than the list price 以低於定价的价格出售某物.