/ 5lIkwId; `lIkwId/ n
[C, U] substance that flows freely but is not a gas, eg water or oil 液体: Air is a fluid but not a liquid, while water is both a fluid and a liquid. 空气是流体不是液体, 水是流体也是液体. * If you add too much liquid the mixture will not be thick enough. 加入的液体太多, 混合液的浓度就不够.
[C] (phonetics 语音) either of the consonants / r/ or / l/ 流音(即/r/或/l/).
> liquid adj [usu attrib 通常作定语]
1 in the form of a liquid; not gaseous or solid 液体的; 液态的; 流质的: liquid food/nourishment, ie easily swallowed, eg by sick people 流质食物[营养品] * (joc 谑) a liquid lunch, ie beer, etc rather than food 液体午餐(啤酒等).
2 clear and clean, like water 清澈的; 晶莹的: eyes of liquid blue 蓝莹莹的眼睛.
3 (of sounds) clear, pure and flowing (指声音)清脆的, 纯正的, 流畅的: the liquid song of a blackbird 黑鹂清脆的叫声.
4 (finance 财) easily converted into cash 易转换成现款的: one's liquid assets 流动资产.
# ,liquid `gas gas reduced to liquid form by intense cold 液化的气体.