/ 5laIEn; `laIEn/ n
large powerful flesh-eating animal of the cat family, found in Africa and parts of southern Asia 狮. =>illus at cat 见cat插图.
(becoming dated 渐旧) brave or famous person 勇猛或有名气的人: a literary lion, ie a celebrated author 文学泰斗.
(idm 习语) beard the lion in his den => beard2. the `lion's share (of sth) the largest or best part of sth when it is divided 最大或最好的一份: As usual, the lion's share of the budget is for defence. 预算中的最大一项照例是国防费用.
> lioness / -es; -Is/ n female lion 母狮.
lionize, -ise / -aIz; -9aIz/ v [Tn] treat (sb) as a celebrity 将(某人)当作名人对待: Marilyn wanted to be loved, not lionized. 玛里琳要的是爱而不是崇拜.
# ,lion-`hearted adj very brave 勇猛的.