2 / 5lImIt; `lImIt/ v [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (to sth) set a limit or limits to sb/sth; restrict sb/sth 给某人[某事物]定界限; 限定某人[某事物]: We must try and limit our expenditure. 我们必须设法限制我们的开支. * I shall limit myself to three aspects of the subject. 我仅探讨这一问题的三个方面.
> limited adj restricted; few or small 有限的; 少的;小的: Only a limited number of places is available. 只有少数地方可供使用. * His intelligence is rather limited. 他的智力相当有限. ,limited e`dition (production of only a) fixed, usu small, number of copies 限数版(印数固定﹑ 通常很少); 限数版本的出版. ,limited lia`bility company (abbr 缩写 Ltd) business company whose members are liable for its debts only to the extent of the capital sum they have provided 有限责任公司: Acme Interiors Ltd 爱克米室内装饰有限公司.
limiting adj imposing limits; restrictive 限制的; 限制性的: Time is the limiting factor. 时间是限制性的因素.