1 / 5lImIt; `lImIt/ n [C]
point or line beyond which sth does not extend; boundary 限度; 极限; 界线; 限界: within the city limits 在该城范围内 * (fig 比喻) He tried my patience to its limits. 他把我逼得忍无可忍了. * No fishing is allowed within a twenty-mile limit. 二十英里范围内不准垂钓.
greatest amount allowed or possible 允许的或可能的最大限度; 限量: The speed limit on this road is 70 mph. 这条路的车速限制是每小时70英里. * There's a limit to how much I'm prepared to spend. 我准备花多少钱是有限度的.
(idm 习语) (be) the limit (sl 俚) as much or more than one can tolerate 所能忍受的或无法再忍受的极限: You really are the (absolute) limit! 你真让人忍无可忍! ,off `limits (US) = out of bounds (bounds). the sky's the limit => sky. within `limits in moderation; up to a point 适度地; 有限度地: I'm willing to help, within limits. 我愿适当予以帮助. without `limit to any extent or degree 无限地; 无限制地.
> limitless adj without limit 无限制的; 无限度的; 无界限的; 无止境的: limitless ambition, greed, wealth 无限度的野心﹑ 贪慾﹑ 财富.