/ 5laIklI; `laIklI/ adj (-ier, -iest)
~ (to do sth/that...) that is expected; probable 预期的; 可能的: the likely outcome, winner 预料的结果﹑ 胜者 * It isn't likely to rain. 不大像要下雨. * She's very likely to ring me tonight. 她今晚很可能给我打电话. * It's very likely that she'll ring me tonight. 很可能今晚她给我打电话.
that seems suitable for a purpose 似适合於某用途的: This looks a likely field for mushrooms. 这地看来适合长蘑菇. * a likely-looking candidate, ie one expected to succeed 很可能当选的候选人.
(idm 习语) a `likely story (ironic 反语) (used to express scorn and disbelief about what sb has said 用以表示对某人的话不屑一听和不相信): He says he just forgot about it a likely story! 他说他仅仅是忘了--像煞有介事!
>likelihood / 5laIklIhUd; `laIklI9hJd/ n [U] probability 可能; 可能性: There's no likelihood of that happening. 没有发生那种事情的可能. * In all likelihood (ie Very probably) the meeting will be cancelled. 会议十之八九要取消.
likely adv (idm 习语) as ,likely as `not; most/very `likely (very) probably (很)可能: As likely as not she's forgotten all about it. 很可能她把这事忘得一乾二净. not (bloody, etc) `likely! (infml 口) certainly not 决不可能; 当然不会: Me? Join the army? Not likely! 我? 参军? 没门儿!