2 / laIt; laIt/ v (pt, pp lit / lIt; lIt/ or lighted) (Lighted is used esp as an attributive adj, as in a lighted candle, but Cf He lit the candle and The candles were lit. lighted一字尤用作定语形容词, 如在lighted candle‘点着的蜡烛’词组中, 试比较He lit the candle‘他点着了蜡烛’和The candles were lit‘蜡烛都点着了’. )
[I, Tn, Tn.pr] (cause sth to) begin burning (使某物)开始燃烧: This wood is so damp it won't light. 这木头湿点不着. * light a cigarette 点香烟 * Let's light a fire in the living-room tonight. 今晚我们在起居室生火吧.
[Tn] turn on (an electric lamp, etc) 开(电灯等): Light the torch I can't see the path. 打开电筒吧--我看不见道儿.
[Tn, Tn.pr] provide (sth) with light 给(某物)提供光源: These streets are very poorly lit. 这些街道的照明很差. * Nowadays, houses are mostly lit by electricity. 现在房屋大多用电照明.
[Tn.pr] guide (sb) with a light 用光引导(某人): a candle to light your way 为你照路的蜡烛.
(phr v) light (sth) up (infml 口) begin to smoke (a cigarette, etc) 点上(烟等)吸起来: light up a pipe 点上烟斗. light up (with sth) (of a person's face, etc) become bright or animated (指人的脸等)放光彩, 容光焕发: Her eyes lit up with joy. 她因喜悦而目光炯炯. light sth up (a) illuminate sth 照亮某物: a castle lit up with floodlights 泛光灯照亮的城堡 * flashes of lightning lit up the sky 照亮天空的道道闪电. (b) make (a person's face, etc) bright or animated 使(人的脸等)放光彩, 容光焕发: A rare smile lit up his stern features. 他那难得一见的微笑在他死板的脸上平添一些生气.
> `lighting n [U]
1 equipment for providing light for a room, building, etc 照明设备: street lighting 街道照明设备.
2 the light itself 光; 光线: Subtle lighting helps people relax. 光线暗淡有助於人们松弛精神. ,lighting-`up time time when road vehicle lights must be turned on (路上车辆的)开灯时间.
# lit up / 5lIt 5Qp; 9lIt`Qp/ (sl 俚) drunk 醉.