/ lId; lId/ n
hinged or removable cover for a box, pot, etc 盖子. =>illus at pan 见pan插图.
= eyelid (eye).
(idm 习语) flip one's lid => flip. put the (tin) lid on sth/things (infml 口) be the final event that provokes an outburst 成为导致某事爆发的最後一件事. take, lift, blow, etc the lid off sth reveal unpleasant secrets concerning sth 揭露丑闻: an article that lifts the lid off the world of professional gambling 揭露职业赌博界内幕的文章.
> lidded adj [usu attrib 通常作定语]
1 (of a box, pot, etc) having a lid (指箱子﹑ 锅等)有盖的.
2 (of eyes) having lids of a particular type (指眼睛)有某种眼睑的: heavily lidded eyes 长着厚眼皮的眼睛.
lidless adj.