/ 5li:gl; `li^l/ adj
[attrib 作定语] of or based on the law 法律的; 依照法律的; 法定的: my legal adviser/representative, eg a solicitor 我的法律顾问[代表](如律师) * seek legal advice, ie consult a solicitor 找律师谘询 * take legal action, ie sue or prosecute 采取法律行动(提出诉讼或告发) * the legal age for drinking, driving, voting, etc, ie the minimum age for doing these things legally 喝酒﹑ 驾驶﹑ 选举等的法定年龄.
allowed or required by the law 法律许可的; 法律要求的; 合法的: Should euthanasia be made legal? 是否应将安乐死合法化? * (joc 谑) Why shouldn't I take a holiday? It's perfectly legal. 为什麽我就不该放假? 那是完全合法的嘛.
> legalism / 5li:gElIzEm; `li^l9IzEm/ n [U] (usu derog 通常作贬义) strict adherence to or excessive respect for the law 拘泥於法律条文; 墨守法规; 条文主义. legalistic adj. legally / 5li:gElI; `li^lI/ adv: be legally responsible for sth 对某事负法律责任 * a legally witnessed will 经合法签名作证的遗嘱.
# ,legal `aid payment from public funds for or towards the cost of legal advice or representation 法律援助(由公共基金提供的法律服务费用).
,legal pro`ceedings lawsuit 法定程序; 法律诉讼: take, begin, threaten, etc legal proceedings (against sb) (对某人)起诉, 提起诉讼, 以起诉相威胁.
,legal `tender form of money that must be accepted if offered in payment 合法货币, 法定货币(用於偿付时必须接受的货币): The old pound note is no longer legal tender. 旧制的英镑纸币已不是法定的货币了.