/ l\:n; l[n/ v (pt, pp learnt / l\:nt; l[nt/ or learned / l\:nd; l[nd/) =>Usage at dream2 用法见dream2.
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr, Tw, Tt] ~ (sth) (from sb/sth) gain knowledge or skill by study, experience or being taught 学; 学习: I can't drive yet I'm still learning. 我还不会开车--我仍在学. * learn from one's mistakes 从错误中学 * learn a poem by heart, ie memorize it 背熟一首诗 * She learns languages with ease. 她学语言不费劲. * learn (how) to swim, to walk, to fly, etc 学习游泳﹑ 走路﹑ 飞行等.
[Ipr, Tn, Tf, Tw] ~ (of/about) sth become aware of (sth) through information or observation; realize 获悉; 得知; 认识到: I'm sorry to learn of/about your illness. 听说你病了, 我十分难过. * I never learned his name. 我从未听说过他的名字. * learn (that) it's no use blaming other people 认识到埋怨别人是没有用的 * learn what it means to be poor 领悟贫困的含义.
(idm 习语) learn one's `lesson learn what to do or not to do in future by noting the results of one's actions 汲取教训: I'll never do that again; I've learned my lesson! 我再也不做那种事了, 我已有了教训! show sb/know/learn the ropes => rope. you/we live and learn => live2.
> learned / 5l\:nId; `l[nId/ adj
1 having much knowledge acquired by study 有学问的; 博学的: learned men 学者 * He's very learned but rather absent-minded. 他很有学问, 可是好忘事.
2 of or for learned people 学术性的; 为学者的: learned journals, societies, language 学术刊物﹑ 团体﹑ 语言 * the learned professions, eg law, medicine 有学识的职业(如法律﹑ 医学) * (law 律) my learned friend, ie legal colleague (a term of courtesy) (法律界同行之间的敬称). learnedly adv: speak learnedly and at length 讲话有学问又很详尽.
learner n person who is gaining knowledge or skill 学习者: I'm still only a learner, so don't expect perfection! 我还在学习, 别指望我十全十美! * a quick/slow learner 聪明的[迟钝的]学习者 * That car's being driven by a learner, ie a learner driver. 那辆汽车正由见习司机驾驶.
learning n [U] knowledge obtained by study 学问; 学识; 知识: a man of great learning 学识渊博的人.
# ,learner `driver person who is learning to drive but has not yet passed the driving test 见习司机.