3 / li:d; lid/ v (pt, pp led / led; lZd/)
[Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] (a) show (sb) the way, esp by going in front 给(某人)指路; (尤指)领路: lead a guest to his room 领客人到他自己的房间 * He led the group out into the garden. 他把那些人领出去进了花园. (b) guide or take (sb/sth) by holding, pulling, etc 带领(某人[某物])(扶着﹑ 牵着等): lead a blind man across the road 领着一盲人过马路 * She grasped the reins and led the horse back. 她抓住?绳把马牵了回去.
[Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p, Cn.t] ~ sb (to sth) influence the actions or opinions of sb 引导某人; 影响某人的言行: He's too easily led. 他太容易受人左右了. * What led you to this conclusion? 你是怎样得出这个结论的? * Don't be led astray (ie tempted to do wrong) by him. 不要被他引入歧途. * Her constant lying led me to distrust everything she said. 她总撤谎, 我完全不相信她的话了.
[Ipr, Ip] be a route or means of access 通; 达: This door leads into the garden. 此门通往花园.
[Ipr] ~ to sth have sth as its result 导致某种结果: This misprint led to great confusion. 这个印刷错误造成很大的混淆. * Your work seems to be leading nowhere, ie achieving nothing. 你的工作似乎不会有什麽结果.
[Tn] have a certain kind of life (used esp with the ns shown) 过某种生活(尤与所示名词连用): lead a miserable existence, a life of luxury, a double life, etc 过悲惨的生活﹑ 豪华的生活﹑ 双重人格的生活等 * decide to lead a new life 决定过新生活.
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sb/sth) (in sth) be in first place or ahead of (sb/sth) 处於首位或领先於(某人[某事物]): The champion is leading by eighteen seconds. 该冠军领先十八秒. * lead the world in cancer research 在癌症研究方面走在世界前列.
[I, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sb/sth) (into sth) be the leader or head of (sb/sth); direct; control 为(某人[某事物])的领袖或首脑; 率领; 指挥: I'll take part, but I won't want to lead. 我参加, 但不想当领导. * lead an army, an expedition, a strike 领导军队﹑ 探险﹑ 罢工 * lead a discussion, the singing, the proceedings 引导讨论﹑ 指挥唱歌﹑ 主持程序 * Who is to lead the party into the next election? 谁率领该党参加下次选举?
[Tn] (in card games) play (sth) as one's first card (纸牌戏中)首先出(某牌): lead trumps, the two of clubs, etc 先出王牌﹑ 梅花2等.
[Ipr] ~ with sth (a) (journalism 新闻) have sth as the main news item 以(某事物)作主要新闻: We'll lead with the dock strike. 我们把码头工人罢工当作头条新闻. (b) (in boxing) use (a particular punch) to begin an attack (拳击)以(某一拳法)出击: lead with one's left/right 以左[]拳出击.
(idm 习语) all roads lead to Rome => road. the blind leading the blind => blind1. lead sb by the `nose make sb do everything one wishes; control sb completely 牵着某人的鼻子走; 完全控制某人. lead sb a (merry) `dance cause sb a lot of trouble, esp by making him follow from place to place 给某人造成极大麻烦(尤指令其跟着东奔西跑). lead a `dog's life be constantly worried, troubled or miserable 过狗一般的生活(长期忧虑﹑ 痛苦或悲伤). lead sb a `dog's life make sb's life wretched 使某人生活痛苦不堪. lead sb to the `altar (dated or joc 旧或谑) marry sb 与某人结婚. lead sb to believe (that)... cause sb to believe (sth that is false or uncertain) 使某人相信(某假事或不确之事). lead sb up the garden `path deceive sb 欺骗某人. lead the `way (to sth) go first; show the way 先行; 带路: Our scientists are leading the way in space research. 我们的科学家在宇宙探索中处於领先地位.
(phr v) lead (sth) off start (sth) 开始(某事): Her recital led off/She led off her recital with a Haydn sonata. 她在独奏会上首先演出的是海顿的奏鸣曲. lead sb on (infml 口) persuade sb to believe or do sth by making false promises or claims 劝诱某人相信或做某事: The salesman tried to lead me on with talk of amazing savings on heating bills. 推销员竭力怂恿我, 说可以节省一大笔取暖费用. lead up to sth prepare, introduce or go before sth 於某事之先作准备﹑ 引进或进行: the events leading up to the outbreak of war 导致战争爆发的事件.
# `lead-in n
1 introduction to a subject, etc 引子; 引言; 引论: He told an amusing story as a lead-in to the serious part of his speech. 他讲了一个有趣的故事作他演说中重要内容的引子.
2 wire connecting an aerial to a radio or television set (收音机或电视机天线的)引入线.