/ lB:dV; lBrdV/ adj (-r, -st)
of considerable size, extent or capacity (大小﹑ 程度或容量)大的: A large family needs a large house. 大家庭需要大的房子. * She inherited a large fortune. 她继承了一大笔财产. * He has a large appetite, ie eats a lot. 他胃口很大. * (euph 婉) a large (ie fat) lady 胖女人.
wide in range, scope or scale; broad (范围或规模)大的, 广的: an official with large powers 权力很大的官员 * take the large view 持豁达的观点 * a book dealing with large themes 涉及广泛内容的书 * large and small farmers 大农场主和小农. =>Usage at big 用法见big.
(idm 习语) (as) large as `life (joc 谑) seen or appearing in person, with no possibility of error or doubt 本人; 本身: And there she was as large as life! 那就是她本人! bulk large => bulk v. by and `large taking everything into consideration 大体上; 一般而论; 总的来说: By and large, the company's been pretty good to me. 总的来说, 公司对我一直很好. larger than `life exaggerated in size, so as to seem more impressive (为感人)夸大的: [attrib 作定语] The hero appears as a larger-than-life character. 男主角的表现是高於生活的. writ large => writ.
> large n (idm 习语) at `large (a) (of a criminal, animal, etc) free; not confined (指罪犯﹑ 动物等)自由的, 未关管的, 未缚住的: The escaped prisoner is still at large. 越狱犯依然在逃. (b) at full length; thoroughly and in great detail 详细地; 充分地; 透彻地: The question is discussed at large in my report. 我在报告中对该问题作了详细的探讨. (c) (used after a n 用於名词後) as a whole; in general 整个地; 一般地; 总地: the opinion of students, voters, society, etc at large 学生﹑ 选民﹑ 社会等总的意见.
largely adv to a great extent; chiefly 在很大程度上; 主要地: His success was largely due to luck. 他的成功主要靠运气.
largeness n [U].
largish adj fairly large 相当大的.
# `large-scale adj [esp attrib 尤作定语]
1 extensive 大规模的: a large-scale police search 警方的大规模搜查.
2 (of a map, model, etc) drawn or made to a large scale so that many details can be shown (指地图﹑ 模型等)大比例尺的.