/ leIn; len/ n
narrow country road or track, usu between hedges or banks 乡间小路(通常两边有树篱或斜坡).
(esp in place names) narrow street or alley between buildings (尤用作路名)小巷, 胡同: ,Drury `Lane 德鲁里巷. =>Usage at road 用法见road.
strip of road marked out for a single line of traffic (有标志的)单行车道: the inside/near side lane 内车道 * the outside/off side lane 外车道 * the slow/fast/overtaking lane of a motorway 高速公路上的慢行[快行/超车]车道.
route intended for or regularly used by ships or aircraft (船或飞机预定或定期的)航道, 航路, 航线: `shipping lanes 大洋航线 * `ocean lanes 远洋航线.
marked strip of track, water, etc for a competitor in a race (比赛用的有标志的)跑道, 泳道: The world champion is in lane four. 那个世界冠军在第四跑道. =>Usage at path 用法见path.